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Policy, Terms And Conditions 
Following are policies, terms and conditions laid down by us to preserve security of copyrights and interest agent registered with PrepaidReload.net

1. Email follow up content or whatever methods used for promotional purpose from this website also subjected to copyrights of PrepaidReload.net. Therefore reproduction anything or reuse for commercial purposes must obtain our approval fisrt. Nor with table of contents each printing digital given free to member whose register with the PrepaidReload.net group. The Digital printing includes in the form PDF format or whatever format involved.

3. Registration as our agent will be processed once we successfully confirmed payment from you. Payment evidence in the form date item, time or reference number transaction can be referred from your payment receipt/transaction. You must inform stated item through SMS or email to us.

4. We will protect your personal information filled at PrepaidReload.net website. We would not reveal or sell your personal information to anyone as we understand your rights.

5. You can use various method with your own creativity to promote your PrepaidReload.net's web replica. Yet you are prohibited to spam. This is because you are also entitled to protect the company's image and reputation from being polluted.

6. PrepaidReload.net is only acting as a venue for the online distribution and publication of User content. However, no warranties as to the actual distribution or publication of User content are made or implied. PrepaidReload.net has the right (but no obligation) to take any action deemed appropriate with respect to User content if it is believed that such content may create liability for PrepaidReload.net, harm its business operation or reputation, or cause PrepaidReload.net to lose the services of its suppliers.

7. Our Reload Services Website / apps prepaidreload.net is not for commercial use but is specifically meant for personal use only.

8.Any and all content submitted to the Site is subject to the approval of the Site administrators. The Site reserves the right to reject, approve, or modify User-submitted content upon the discretion of the Site administrators. Evaluation of User-submitted content is based on certain quality guidelines. 

9. We deserved to amend the policy, terms and conditions of PrepaidReload.net this from time to during follow suitability. You are suggested to always refer our PrepaidReload.net website to get up-to-date information from us.

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