How to signup?

Step 1
Register one free account at

Step 2
Contact Administrator or Your Referral for the bank in account for your registeration fee.
Dealer RM70 or Agent RM40

• If you bank in to Administrator kindly Wechat/Whatsapp/SMS to 016- 4411631- Mr Tan or live support on your right hand side, administrator will process your sms reload account immediately.

• If you bank in to your referral, kinldy call your referral for the bank account for registeration fee, therefore let your referrel know you have completed the transaction.

• If you have any question or product rate kindly LIVE CHAT with administrator. Thank you

Step 3
After successfully your registeration fee, Administrator or your referral will create SMS Reload Account for you,
you will received an SMS login password to our SMS Reload System.
please check your mobile phone for the sms.

Step 4
Logon to our SMS reload System, and top up your credit.

• For first time register, you can bank in RM100 to administrator, RM70 is dealer registration fee, RM30 balance will into your sms reload account.
so you can use the RM30 credit to start your business immediatly .

Step 5
Start help your friends, family and customer to reload their mobile
and earn your side income today!

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